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Sep 1, 2015
You can download an image of Lakka made for the GPi Case at https://www.lakka.tv/get/linux/rpi/

Changes include:

  • RetroArch 1.7.8 (full RetroArch changelog can be found here)
    • Playlist-based thumbnail downloader, on-demand thumbnail downloads
    • AI Project (Real-time games translation)
    • Disc Project
    • XMB Improvements
    • Improved onscreen notifications
    • Shader Usability Changes
    • Added an easter egg
  • New platforms and accessories
    • New platform: Raspberry Pi 4
    • New Raspberry Pi accessory: GPICase
    • New Raspberry Pi accessory: Game HAT
      • The Game HAT driver can be enabled manually from any existing Raspberry Pi Lakka installation by following the instructions here
    • New platform: ROCKPro64
    • New plaform: Vulkan-only Nvidia computers
      • This variant of the Generic platform only supports Vulkan on computers with Nvidia-powered GPUs. While it runs some cores better (such as Dolphin), it also has a lot of incompatibles, removed cores
      • You can find a link to the Vulkan-only Nvidia image on the 64-bit Generic download page of the website
      • Thanks to Albert Malina for the port!
  • New cores (please note that not all cores are available on all platforms)
    • Play!
      • This new PS2 emulator is very experimental and doesn’t run all games, don’t expect it to run properly on your Lakka box yet
      • You can find a list of all playable games on the Play-Compatibility repository here
    • Final Burn Neo
      • Here are the DAT files used in the Final Burn Neo version used in Lakka 2.3
    • OpenLara
      • The core has been added to all platforms
    • Mupen64Plus-Next
    • Bsnes HD
    • Flycast
    • Yaba Sanshiro
    • Kronos
    • mame2010
    • TIC-80
    • Theodore
    • mesen-s
    • Gearsystem
    • Daphne
  • Cores changes
    • Reicast is now Flycast
    • Final Burn Alpha is now Final Burn Neo
    • stella is now stella2014
  • Miscellaneous
    • PPSSPP assets are now included in the system
      • Please reset your RetroArch config for this change to take effect
    • New glcore video driver with slang shaders support
    • Menu rendering is now framerate independent - animations are now smoother on 120FPS configurations
  • Bug fixes
    • Shutting down no longer hangs the system
    • Overlay directory in storage partition now works properly