1. Dave C

    Super Retropie Image Rev E

    The latest version of Super RetroPie for the GPi can be found at You can also check out the developers Facebook page at You can find a guide on how to flash a Retropie SD card image for the GPi at...
  2. Dave C

    Retro Gaming System Console S Line Review

    If you are new to retro gaming and are looking for a plug and play retro gaming console then look no further. The Retro Gaming System Console S Line has everything you need to get up and running! You can read the review at...
  3. Dave C

    Full review of the RetroFlag GPi Case for Raspberry Pi

    You can find a full review of the RetroFlag GPi Case for Raspberry Pi which you can buy with just the case or pre-built with a Raspberry Pi Zero W and 32GB SD Card. You can read a review of it at You can learn...
  4. Dave C

    Lakka GPI Case version 2.3

    You can download an image of Lakka made for the GPi Case at Changes include: RetroArch 1.7.8 (full RetroArch changelog can be found here) Playlist-based thumbnail downloader, on-demand thumbnail downloads AI Project (Real-time games translation) Disc...
  5. Dave C

    Retroflag GPi Case FAQ and help

    Our How To page for the Retroflag GPi contains answers to commonly asked questions, some helpful tips. You can read it at
  6. Dave C

    Recalbox 6.1.1-Dragonblaze for GPi

    You can download Recalbox 6.1 Beta 4 (pre-release) for GPi from How to install a Micro SD Card image guide can be found at
  7. Dave C

    Super Retropie Image Rev C

    A new version of the Super Retropie Image for the Retroflag GPi has been released. Features include: 1. Brand new Retroboy v2 Theme supporting video snaps. 2. Many Custom Collections logos 3. Gamelist font size increased, better readability. 4. Video view is completely rebuilt and looks super...