John Aitken

New Member
Feb 25, 2015
Hi, after installing the Droidbox Gotham13.2 X7-Q7, I can no longer pause or stop a movie or tv show from playing, in the usual manner IE pressing the 'ok' button on my keypad to bring up the media player menu. Can anyone help me get this back, since I like everything else with the setup? My friend has a similar box and he still has this function, so it must be possible in settings??


Staff member
Jul 15, 2014
Cardiff, UK
@John Aitken This issue occurs when the Confluence Customizable Mod skin isn't completely installed properly. The GUI for the media playback controls goes haywire.
You can either flip to the original Confluence skin (XBMC>System>Appearance>Skin>Confluence>Yes you're sure) or once you receive your new user name and password (in the next day or so, via e-mail) for the DroidBOX Wizard, reset XBMC's data and re-run the Wizard, selecting the Modded pack.