smokin joe

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Apr 11, 2018
hi guys, need some tech help on m8s pro. I cant get 5.1 sound out of it.. on streaming a movie thru kodi, the info informs that it is in 5.1, but it only outputs 2 channel.. I have tried using the fiber optic cable with similar results.. interestingly, if I plug a memory stick into the box that has a movie in 5.1, it does pass thru the sound.. also, I have a fire stick, which will stream movies on kodi in 5.1.. the firestick is connected via wi fi and it buffers a lot, hence why I want to use the mini8, it is hardwired and doesn't buffer...does anyone get 5.1 sound from this box while streaming movies.


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Feb 26, 2015
As the m8s pro is not one supplied by droidbox (this is their user community) you probably won't get specific advice for that box.
However, looking at some of the forum threads i can see that a number of people have asked questions and contributed to threads on the subject you raise.
If you hit the search button (top right of the main forum page) with a search criteria of "surround" you should get some results you can trawl through and hopefully find a solution.

Droidbox have also published this "how to" guide for their boxes which you might find useful