Nomen Nescio

New Member
Oct 21, 2019
I'm loving the Micro PC except for the two finger scrolling direction on the touchpad, which seems to be inverted by default, with no way to adjust it in the Windows 10 settings.

GPD released a firmware update which supposedly reverses the two finger scroll direction. It's available on their website at:

The file called "GPD Micro PC touchpad firmware 20190618" is described as "MicroPC touchpad upgrade program to modify the direction of the two-finger sliding of the touchpad."

However, it simply has no effect when I apply it. The update claims to have installed successfully but when I reboot, nothing has changed. I also tried installing the "AMR_Firmware_normal" which is supposed to reset everything back to default, but that made no difference either. Then I tried reapplying the 20190618 firmware again and there was still no change.

I contacted GPD's support email address and they initially asked me to send the Micro PC to them to be fixed, but when I pointed out that my device was purchased in the UK they told me to contact the retailer instead, so here I am!

Can you provide any assistance with this?