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Jan 5, 2023
Come join me on r/Moqi on Reddit if you need any help with your Moqi devices, questions or queries. I also hold the firmware, .STL files for some parts & information from the creators themselves nobody else has. Including other things, all Moqi related.

Just leaving this here for anyone Googling for help & come across this website. I bought my I7 & I7S from Droix & I love these devices. Great service & great company.

I'll try and stay active here also but you can definitely reach me on Reddit. Probably faster.

Also, if you're reading this Droix; do you have spare parts? I want them. Your Engineer isn't back off holiday until next week so it would be nice if you knew prior. I left a ticket anywho. I can't find spare batteries or any parts at all online & I've searched.

Thank you.