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Feb 4, 2021
Central Lake, MI
I'm visiting my dad for Christmas and he allowed me to use his computer so I could play games on it off my flash drive. But then I got carried away and started downloading emulators and related tools, and playing emulators and ROMs via browser. Every time I used his computer, I locked it when I was done with it, then entered dad's PIN to log back in.
Then one time I entered the PIN to log back in, and suddenly it didn't work anymore. I kept entering the PIN, correctly every time, but it wouldn't let me back in. It got to the point where I had to enter a verification code in order to try again, and eventually we had to restart the computer.
My dad's very upset about this, and I feel really bad about it. Does anyone here know of a way dad and I can get into something like safe mode and reset his PIN, or whatever we need to do to get him access to his computer again?
It's a DELL XPS laptop with Windows 11. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
EDIT: Never Mind, we fixed it by ourselves.
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