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Jul 15, 2014
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Rather than paraphrase or copy and paste, we will link to a great resource over at Reddit:

  • How to install Windows 10 Anniversary Edition
  • How to get the best graphics quality out of your GPD Win
  • MicroUSB/USB drive I/O improvements for Steam
  • Disable Steam Broadcasting to improve FPS
  • GPD WIN Firmware / OS Image / Drivers
  • GPD WIN Driver Pack
  • GPD WIN Windows Image
  • GPD Windows Mouse Driver Update
  • Alternative Windows Anniversary ISO with beta driver
  • Intel Beta GPU Drivers
  • Latest WLAN Drivers
  • Intel CherryTrail Series SoC Drivers Usually not needed, don't install unless required
  • Latest Joystick Firmware Info
  • Latest Gamepad Firmware Info
  • Old Intel GPU Driver - GPD Recommended v10.18.15.4256 Recommended by GPD to mitigate driver crashes. Mixed results.
  • Common Issues
  • BIOS Changes for Troubleshooting/Thermal (If you bugcheck/hard shutdown, try these)
  • BIOS and Windows changes for disabling Fast Boot (decreases heat and energy consumption)
  • Removable Windows Components
  • Windows Cleanup Commands
  • Windows 10 Privacy / Telemetry
If any of those topics are of interest, visit to read more.
Not open for further replies.