1. ChrisM

    DISCOUNT: DroidBOX GPD Win Handheld Windows PC

    Not the lucky winner of a DroidBOX GPD Win in our recent Easter giveaway? Still after one of these great handheld Windows PCs? You can save 15% with our discount code, to take advantage when you purchase a GPD Win directly from our store, simply enter the code shown in the blog post at...
  2. ChrisM

    X7, Q7 or other older Android Device with no VPN Connection?

    If you would like to learn of a possible fix for devices that won't make a VPN connection, check Yes, one of those images does give the game away...
  3. ChrisM

    DroidBOX Market Games Update

    If you haven't checked recently, we have added dozens of new games to our DroidBOX Market application store. To learn more, head to Whether you're looking for a way to pass a few minutes, or itch to conquer far-off kingdoms our hand picked selection (compatible with our...
  4. Dave C

    Save 15% using DBXMD15 discount code this Mother's Day at DroidBOX®

    Simply enter the code DBXMD15 on the Checkout page when ordering and enjoy a 15% discount to celebrate Mother's Day. Visit us at to find out which from our range of models suits your needs and pocket well.
  5. ChrisM

    Checking Your Drive’s Partition(s) In Android!

    A simple enough Android app that can report on the exact partitions to be found in your hard drive: Whether you want to check if your partition is as large as your drive, or perhaps to quickly check whether it is formatted with a FAT, NTFS or EXT4 partition, this post...
  6. ChrisM

    Find out how to improve or fix your gadgets with the DroidBOX How-To website!

    If you are not sure how to alter a setting, attach some new hardware or perhaps fix an issue, gives you the low down on what you can expect to find.
  7. ChrisM

    Get Fully Notified When New Notifications Arrive!

    If you have an air mouse or trackpad based controller and miss the notifications from Android 4.4, this blog post is for you: Written for Android 5 users, though should you have Android 6 and prefer this style of notifications, the instructions still apply.
  8. ChrisM

    LibreELEC - What is it, does it matter?

    We often get asked "LibreELEC!? What on earth is that?", then often swiftly followed by "Great, should I consider running it?" For a dedicated operating system that runs just Kodi (for lower system resource usage), LibreELEC is the way to go!
  9. ChrisM

    The Best Mini Home Theatre PCs!

    A Home Theatre PC that doesn't take over your living room is something worth aiming for. Discover why DroidBOX should be on your list at Setting up the device doesn't take long, no matter WHAT your interests are. OK, that is a small fib. If you want your HTPC to...
  10. ChrisM

    DroidBOX® T8-S Plus v2 Unboxing & Demo Video

    Spare a few seconds to check the new DroidBOX® T8-S Plus v2 mini HTPC in our latest unboxing and demonstration video. This latest revision of the mini home theatre PC brings the technical specifications bang up to date with Android Marshmallow (6) and Kodi 17 on board. Learn more at...