1. Dave C

    Best software for your GPD Pocket

    Have you just unboxed your GPD Pocket and wondering what Windows software you can install to get started? We have created a list of free software that every Windows device should have on it based on software we use every day at home or work. You can read our list of the best software at...
  2. ChrisM

    25Mbit/sec Is Plenty...

    Did you know that using your DroidBOX to watch media with public servers, you will rarely be using more than 25Mbit/sec of bandwidth? Most streams (IF the server has enough bandwidth at their end) will play happily on a LOT less than that, check our post at for more...
  3. ChrisM

    Copying Files To/From LibreELEC Via Your Home Network

    If you use the LibreELEC operating system on your DroidBOX device, the post at explains how to copy files to your device over the network. No extra hardware or software is required, a few minutes will see you copying to and from LibreELEC's file system (or attached...
  4. ChrisM

    Recovery Menu Entries Explained

    The Recovery menu is an important area of your DroidBOX device. You can clear the cache, factory reset and apply firmware updates from here. If you have looked at the Recovery menu before, but were apprehensive about what each entry did, and what was safe to click on, please read...
  5. ChrisM

    LibreELEC Basics (How-To)

    Have a DroidBOX device with the LibreELEC operating system installed? Not booted into it yet? Tried, but got lost? will help guide you through connecting to the internet and other essentials, be it from the first run wizard, or using the LibreELEC Configuration program...
  6. ChrisM

    VPN Installation Instructions For LibreELEC 7 and 8

    Want to use your VPN connection within the LibreELEC operating system, but not sure how to? Already found the benefits of using the IPVanish application in Android, need to set up in LibreELEC as well? has the steps required, covering both the Jarvis (Confluence) and...
  7. ChrisM

    DroidBOX R1 NAS Unboxing and Demonstration Video

    Watch our R1 NAS unboxing and demo. The DroidBOX R1 NAS is an Android box and NAS server. It features an internal hard drive bay for 3.5" hard drives and a HD-PVR for recording via the HDMI Input. You can use this to record games consoles, PC, or even another DroidBOX device! It has Android 6...
  8. ChrisM

    DroidBOX Go v3 Updated Model Demo & Unboxing

    The DroidBOX Go v3 features our own firmware with the latest versions of DBMC, Kodi, DroidBOX Market and now with a choice of launchers. The new DroidBOX Go v3 mini projector has been unboxed and given a chance to demonstrate its abilities at . With automatic and manual...
  9. ChrisM

    Installing The Essentials In Windows - Part I

    Running on Windows, not sure which programs to install next? Although it was written with our DroidBOX GPD Win ( ) customers in mind, the post at still equally applies, no matter if you're using one of our T11 boxes, or a desktop/laptop PC. This...
  10. ChrisM

    Kodi 17 Subtitles Security Update

    Do you use subtitles when you watch online media with your Android device from DroidBOX? Several applications (including Kodi) were found to have a hole in their security. Malformed subtitle files could grant hackers access. If you never see subtitles, you do not need to make any changes...
  11. ChrisM

    DroidBOX® Main Models Comparison Spring 2017

    Which ever type of device you're looking for, DroidBOX's Spring 2017 Pick Of The Best post should help - Covering everything from handheld consoles to multi-functional set top boxes with video recording & home servers, and other types of devices, you can make sure your...
  12. ChrisM

    Free UK Delivery! (For a limited time)

    Alongside the 10% price reductions we mentioned last week, there is now FREE UK delivery available! See to save even more money than usual with DroidBOX! All you need to do is visit the site and click on the link at the top, from there you can share the news via social...
  13. ChrisM

    Ten percent off all our prices!

    We have recently reduced our already low prices by a further 10%. No discount code is required, all items at are already waiting for you with a discounted price!
  14. ChrisM

    Gamepad Compatible Games #1

    Do you have an Android device and a gamepad? We have shortlisted some of the best games available, over at If you don't yet have a gamepad, check out the DroidBOX Play Gamepad Pro - (this is the controller we used for testing).
  15. ChrisM

    Kodi 17 on Older Android Devices

    (for those that missed the news here on this forum, credit given in blog post to forum members who posted first) If you have an older Android device running KitKat (4.4) then you may have noticed that the official Kodi app requires Android 5 or higher, if you want to install Krypton (Kodi...
  16. ChrisM

    DISCOUNT: DroidBOX GPD Win Handheld Windows PC

    Not the lucky winner of a DroidBOX GPD Win in our recent Easter giveaway? Still after one of these great handheld Windows PCs? You can save 15% with our discount code, to take advantage when you purchase a GPD Win directly from our store, simply enter the code shown in the blog post at...
  17. ChrisM

    GPD Win Handheld PC Competition Winner Announced!

    The DroidBOX GPD Win handheld PC has been won! A winner was randomly selected, after our Easter Giveaway finished. Find out if YOU are the winner, via our blog post at If you weren't lucky this time, our commiserations. Don't despair though, as not only do we have more...
  18. ChrisM

    X7, Q7 or other older Android Device with no VPN Connection?

    If you would like to learn of a possible fix for devices that won't make a VPN connection, check Yes, one of those images does give the game away...
  19. ChrisM

    DroidBOX Market Games Update

    If you haven't checked recently, we have added dozens of new games to our DroidBOX Market application store. To learn more, head to Whether you're looking for a way to pass a few minutes, or itch to conquer far-off kingdoms our hand picked selection (compatible with our...
  20. Dave C

    Save 15% using DBXMD15 discount code this Mother's Day at DroidBOX®

    Simply enter the code DBXMD15 on the Checkout page when ordering and enjoy a 15% discount to celebrate Mother's Day. Visit us at to find out which from our range of models suits your needs and pocket well.