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Dec 2, 2021
I prefer the left analog stick high and the d pad under it, like Xbox rather than PS.

These ambernic left analog stick are always low nowadays so I’m looking for a good gaming grip for it.

I was even thinking of getting a 3D printer to make my own.

I know there are some great CAD files you can download

The old RG350 had the higher left stick but every update since then had it low

Anyway with a good gaming grip it’s a brilliant experience


Staff member
Jun 19, 2019
Making gaming grips for these retro handhelds and selling them on etsy/ebay could be a good side-hustle :)

That aside, personally I prefer the symmetrical-lower layout for these handhelds currently.
On devices this small, every cm of space is critical. And usually the upper controls on the left side are the ones you are hitting the most in games.

And since the majority of the playable platforms don't necessitate an analogue stick, it's a natural conclusion imo.