1. B

    Question about connecting large (4TB) external hard drives to Droidboxes

    I'm thinking about getting a relatively cheap ($60 or less) Droidbox and installing LibreELEC. I'm concerned that the great majority of product specs don't mention what size USB drives a box can read and the ones that do are too small for my needs. I have a few NTFS formatted 4TB external...
  2. mike huxley


    Hi. Just bought the ImxQ pro mini with Android Nougat. One of the USB ports is a shared OTG, however the instructions in the box are so poor that it doesn’t say which of the 2 ports it is or explain how to use OTG. I’m new to Android so don’t understand the OTG thing!! Any advice please
  3. mike huxley

    Downloads to use drive

    Hi. Just purchased the T8-S Plus V2. I have been trying to download from kodi running ares krypton to a usb drive. When i click download it seems to be working fine but it doesn't download to drive! I have set up the addons to download to the usb but it just doesn't work. I want to be able to...
  4. ChrisM

    Turn On & Have To Press Home To See The Launcher?

    If you find ES File Explorer opens each time you turn your device on, or you don't want it popping up when you connect a storage device then has the steps required to turn this function off.
  5. B

    Xbox tethering

    Hi, I recently purchased a CS918 Android TV Box mainly for Kodi but after a bit of experimentation, it occurred to me that I may be able to use it to connect my Xbox One to the internet. It's a little bit complicated so here goes: My internet is provided through a hotspot called BT Openzone...
  6. D

    t8-s usb dvd / blu ray drive for films? does it work?

    hi i have ordered a droidbox t8-s... i want to know if it is possible to connect usb devices such as an external usb blu ray drive like you would use on your computer and used it to play films on blu ray disks? i don't want to buy an usb blu ray drive to find out that it does not work. has...