1. Fritz-69

    Factory Reset (if possible)

    Does anyone know away to reset this device to original condition, removing all personal info etc. I want to sell it on as I've upgraded and have it in the condition I initially received it in .
  2. Fritz-69

    Large Capacity HDD for T8-S Plus Ver 2, and T11 (Win 10) Devies

    T8-S Plus Ver 2 and T11 (Win 10 ) I was just wondering if anyone has tried fitting an Internal HDD over the 2tb size? I have an extensive library getting bigger and just wanted to see if a 3tb or 4tb drive has been tested. As the title implies, this question go's for both devices. Also, if...
  3. Fritz-69

    IPVanish Windows Update on T11

    Has any one had issues with the new version of IPVanish in Windows on T11 or W8? I tried three installations of this but every time i rebooted windows, i got an error message within the IPVanish home screen just saying an error has occurred, and all my settings and account details were gone...
  4. Fritz-69

    Reinstalling Windows 10 on an Internal Hard Drive

    Ive just received the T11 win10 mini PC last week, and wont to know if i can reinstall / Transfer the OS to my 1tb Hard Drive ive installed. I already am running out of storage space for windows updates, not able to install the anniversary update etc on the 32 gb internal storage (only 7gb...
  5. Fritz-69

    T11 & W8 Pro Differences

    Ive just ordered a T11 after looking on the DroidBOX main site. I already have two T8-S models, but want to see what the win10 box is like. However after looking at the model options, i cant see what the difference is between the T11 & W8 Pro besides the case. Any adive would be appreciated as...