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    problem battery Powkiddy Q80

    I bought 4 original Xiaomi BM20 batteries the same battery as the Powkiddy Q80 but I can't fit this battery to the device, what's wrong?
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    Question pocketsnes and mame4all and doom, quake

    1) How to expand the Pocketsnes and mame4all screen in Pockego 2 v2 full screen? 2) to play Doom and Quake is it necessary to transfer the opk file from the card in slot2 to the card in slot 1? i use rogue firmware
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    help pocketgo2 v2

    1) Can I put all the roms, isos, ports, games, apps, rogue update files on the slot 2 microsd card? 2)I saved all the roms, emulators, games, apps, rogue update files on the microsd card in slot 2 but I install picodrive and other emulators and they don't appear in the firmware emulators list...
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    Question button A Powkiddy Q80

    My Powkiddy Q80 requires more power and pressure on the A button to work, is this resolved with a firmware update?
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    Question firmware, apps, emulators

    I downloaded the ROGUE for PocketGo2V2 but I did not see the emulators of nes, master system, mame4all 037b5, Mega Drive and did not see the apps and games and ports, where do I download them?
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    question retrofw 2.2 and mame4all

    On my RS97 Plus I am using RetroFW 2.2 with Starter Packs but does not contain the mame4all emulator or the 037b5 fullset where I download the mame4all opk for my 037b5 fullset? is there a n64 emulator for rs97 plus retrofw 2.2?
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    Question firmware for my RS97 Plus V1.3

    1) What is the best firmware for PLUS V1.3 board review? 2) In RS97 Plus is it possible to use dual system without removing the internal card?
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    Question mame4all for RetroFW fullset 0.139u1

    Is there a possibility that with future updates of RetroFW to RS97 it will be possible to use MAME4ALL q using the 0.139u1 fullset?