1. Dave C

    Details and where to buy the DP-1 Projector

    Buy the DP-1 Projector at Gone are the days when you had to carry around a big and bulky projector if you wanted to watch the game at a friend's house. The DroiX DP-1 is Small, Stylish...
  2. D

    HDMI In... where is it?

    Hi. Stupid question: I’ve plugged a sky q mini box into the hdmi port on the side of my droidbox go v3. How do I switch inputs so that i can view it. The manual tells me to click on the hdmi in icon on the homepage. I don’t see one anywhere. Should it be autodetecting the input?
  3. ChrisM

    DroidBOX Go v3 Updated Model Demo & Unboxing

    The DroidBOX Go v3 features our own firmware with the latest versions of DBMC, Kodi, DroidBOX Market and now with a choice of launchers. The new DroidBOX Go v3 mini projector has been unboxed and given a chance to demonstrate its abilities at . With automatic and manual...
  4. ChrisM

    For Father's Day, you can win a DroidBOX Go v3 projector (open to all, not just fathers!)

    Simply visit , follow the steps outlined to increase your chances of winning (with more entries) by sharing with your friends more. The upgraded DroidBOX® Go v3 projector (one of our newest devices) brings your screen anywhere you go! With an Amlogic S905 processor...
  5. Mark Stradling


    Been using my Go for a few days with relatively few issues; however, today is quite different! 1) Focus is wandering, constantly having to adjust (never sharp) 2) Left-hand edge of image has a band of brightness (just brighter than the rest of the image) 3) Keeps powering off as soon as I...