1. Dave C

    How to install Windows 10 on the DroiX CK2

    18/03/2021 Update: This guide is a little outdated! Please check the guide on our Knowledge Base instead! This guide shows how to install Windows on the CK2 should you need to do it. You will need: A 16GB or larger USB stick CK2...

    How to get and install ROMS to handhelds

    You can purchase these handhelds from: GKD350H - RG350 - RG350 Retro Gaming Handheld - PocketGo v2 - PocketGo v2.1 Retro Gaming Console -...
  3. Dave C

    LDK Retro Gaming Handheld Custom Firmware Install Guide

    You can find a guide on how to install custom firmware for the LDK on our How To at
  4. Dave C

    Best software for your GPD Pocket

    Have you just unboxed your GPD Pocket and wondering what Windows software you can install to get started? We have created a list of free software that every Windows device should have on it based on software we use every day at home or work. You can read our list of the best software at...
  5. Dave C

    How to reinstall Windows on your GPD Pocket

    You can find our easy to follow guide on how to reinstall Windows on your GPD Pocket via our How To at
  6. D

    No Space. Free up some space

    I tried to update showbox and had a message saying, showbox couldn't update free up some space, I deleted some apps I don't use and tried again. Same problem so I uninstalled showbox and tried to re install it, same problem, I know I have pleanty of space,. Has anyone else had the same problem...