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    Are you getting kicked out of Kodi?

    If you don't want to loose any preloaded stuff then go into Apps, open Es file explorer then search for temp folder and delete that folder. Make sure Show hidden files option is turned on which you can find under Tools option of Es file Explorer.
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    lost sound

    After turning off Bluetooth can you please restart your Box and see if that resolves your issue.
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    No keyboard

    Hello, If you are not able to get onscreen keyboard then follow the below video to enable onscreen keyboard:
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    T8s power lead

    Hello, You can order Power cord for your T8-S from the below link:
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    Kodi Box

    You can check the memory of your device. From Home screen go into settings>more settings>Storage and you can see the Total Space and available space, if the memory is almost full then you will need to clear data and reinstall Wookie. If there is enough memory available on Box then you can follow...
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    Make sure "Show hidden files" and "Root Explorer" options under Tools are on.
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    T8-S Plus WiFi Speeds

    The speed depends on your internet connection you got and you can run the speed Test on you Box and check what speed you are getting. You can install the Speed Test Application from the below link and then run the Speed test on your T8-S PLUS...
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    ota update and it's all gone Pete tong

    Hello, Sorry about an issue. Follow the below video to factory reset your Box and that shall resolve an issue:
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    apps missing

    You can follow the below video to restore the Applications like ES file Explorer on your Box:
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    Once you will download the music file on internal memory you can go into Es file Explorer then use the search option to search that particular file or click on Download option under Local then select the file and hold the OK button for few secs till the file will get tick checked and then you...
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    Bad speedtest results, upload is better than download :(

    Can you install the below Application on your T8-S PLUS, then run a speed test and see if that gives the different result:
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    Are you getting kicked out of Kodi?

    If you are not able to follow the above link then you can follow below instructions to resolve an issue: >Turn your internet off and and then load Kodi. >After loading Kodi click on Add-ons under System and then click on System. > After clicking on System click on Dependencies and then scroll...
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    Are you getting kicked out of Kodi?

    If you are getting kicked out of Kodi or if Kodi is freezing then follow the below link to fix this issue:
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    Kodi 16-screen keyboard problem

    @1treefort if you have already tried changing skin to basic confluence and Xunity maintenance then try to uninstall Kodi and then reinstall Kodi from Google Play Store and see if that resolves an issue.
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    Back to as delivered

    Sent from my SM-T700 using Tapatalk After factory resetting your device you need to leave your device for around 30 mins till it will restore all the Apps. In some cases an extra reboot is required, however this WILL revert your device back to the state it was in when first delivered.
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    Trying to backup

    If you are not able to backup Kodi data on your SD card then you can take backup on your internal memory and then copy the Backup folder to your SD card through Es File Explorer
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    t8s box keeps returning to home page.

    Hello, Can you please check the memory of your Box. From home screen go into settings(Two cogs)>other>more settings>Storage. After clicking on Storage you can check the Total space and available space and if the memory is almost full then follow the below video guide to clear data and reinstall...
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    Hello, After changing Skin to basic confluence you will not loose your wizard, you can find all the Add-ons under Video Add-ons.
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    T8-s plus boot issues

    Could you please email us on [email protected] explain your issue with your order details and we will move on from there.
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    T8-s plus boot issues

    Can you please tell me what can you see on your screen after restarting your device?