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  1. ZXT-92

    I accidentally locked my dad's laptop and I need help undoing it.

    I'm visiting my dad for Christmas and he allowed me to use his computer so I could play games on it off my flash drive. But then I got carried away and started downloading emulators and related tools, and playing emulators and ROMs via browser. Every time I used his computer, I locked it when I...
  2. ZXT-92

    What are your teams on Injustice 1 and 2 mobile?

    Being the Batman fanatic that I am, I use the team Batman, Nightwing/Robin, and Catwoman in both games. For Injustice 1 I mainly use the Insurgency/Regime versions of the characters, but I also use the default versions from time to time.
  3. ZXT-92

    How do I stretch Android display to fill entire screen regardless of resolution and aspect ratio?

    The lowest native resolution on my Android phone is 1520x720. I lowered it to 1024x768 using ADB, and now I'd like to have the display stretched to fill the entire screen instead of using black bars (I hate pillarboxing, that's why I want to do this). Is there a way to do it, and if so, how?
  4. ZXT-92

    I would like my account deleted.

    I only registered on this forum to fix one problem, and I never visit the site and even forget that it exists, so I don't feel the need to be part of this forum anymore. EDIT: I don't want my account deleted anymore. I can still use these forums for help on Android and with my PocketGo whenever...
  5. ZXT-92

    PocketGo no longer outputting sound

    Never Mind. I found out what the problem was: The Micro SD Card slot was dirty. Once I cleaned it, the sound played perfectly again.
  6. ZXT-92

    PocketGo no longer outputting sound

    My PocketGo (which I've had for a good long time now) won't output sound anymore unless it feels like it. Pressing Select + Y or B does nothing. However, one time when I removed the Micro SD Card while the system was on, the sound came on, then when I put the card back in, it turned off. Any...