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  1. VikramDroix

    H96 Mini Hard Reset

    It's inside AV whole on the device. You may follow steps as on guide link HERE (It's for a different model but basically same steps ).
  2. VikramDroix

    Google Playstore

    Just to confirm, Are you trying to update Google Play Store app or the Google Play service?
  3. VikramDroix

    T95Q Wifi issues

    Hi, So the internet speed may vary when on Wifi, but it shouldn't be much difference, As if the box support 5Ghz connection for WiFi, It could be an issue of WiFi card on the box if you have router placed within 5-10 meters from your box and still getting 45-50Mbps. Also, on other note 45-50...
  4. VikramDroix

    Google assistant

    Please check the settings in the Google Assistance app as if you have the option to select supported apps for Voice control on it and this should allow google assistance to operate through selected apps for Voice command.
  5. VikramDroix

    Google Playstore

    Unfortunately, can't confirm if its the cause, but it seems the direct android updates for play store won't be supported on customer ROM installed Android TV Box and as long as Google Play Services is updated, it should work fine for you. Let's see if anyone else is experiencing the same though.
  6. VikramDroix

    apps not opening on mxq pro box

    You can checkout range of Android TV Boxes available at Droix from link here - DroiX - The best place to buy latest Generation Android Box for TV
  7. VikramDroix

    Droix x96 Max+ Firmware?

    The device X96 Max+ comes with Android 9 Pie pre-installed on it and its the latest available for it at the moment. Unfortunately, cannot confirm for higher android version updates for now as it's up to the supplier/manufacturer.
  8. VikramDroix


    Please check with application developer as if they have restrictions for the app to be used on customer ROM installed android tv box. I think this could only be the reason if a particular app is not working.
  9. VikramDroix

    apps not opening on mxq pro box

    Please confirm if it was purchased at Droix and under warranty?
  10. VikramDroix

    apps not opening on mxq pro box

    Please try doing a firmware flashing on the device and see if that fixes the issue as if factory reset of the device has not helped.
  11. VikramDroix

    windows audio device graph isolation crash

    Glad to hear that you have resolved the issue. Please if you can describe more details as to how it was fixed for you and can leave the thread to help other users in the community.
  12. VikramDroix

    Default Video Player

    If I have understood correctly, you want the player to be changed for plex server loaded files on it? Unfortunately, that will default to app functionality and cannot be changed.
  13. VikramDroix

    Default Video Player

    Could you please confirm if you are trying to play media files from File manager ( Files stored on the device ) or using a browser to play the media on it?
  14. VikramDroix

    apps not opening on mxq pro box

    Could you please confirm if the date and time on the device are correct and have you installed these apps from Google Play store or outside play store ( As if compatible with device Android version or not )
  15. VikramDroix

    windows audio device graph isolation crash

    Could you please confirm which device model do you have and also a screenshot of the error message appearing on the screen?
  16. VikramDroix

    Hdd error

    Could you please confirm if you are connecting via USB cable?
  17. VikramDroix

    droidbox ts-8 plus work with the new Remotes? Support never responds

    Hi, You can check out range of Android TV Boxes available at DroiX store from link here -
  18. VikramDroix

    IPega 9087S Gamepad stock

    Please email to [email protected] with your Order ID and someone from support team will check the status of stock and reason for its cancellation.
  19. VikramDroix

    T95Z box not working

    It seems like incorrect firmware has been installed on the device which was not designed for the hardware of your device. Please contact the seller to get the correct firmware designed for your device.
  20. VikramDroix

    Long press (touch and hold) not working correctly

    As the device comes with Android Tablet ROM's so most of the websites will be compatible for touch-based device and may have such issues of scrolling down using air mouse. You may try disabling air mouse and use up/down navigation key to navigate and select the options on a webpage...