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    Beware the VPN spammers

    Je suis aussi d'accord sur ce point, car moi aussi j'ai été appâté par ce clickbait. Attention les gars :(
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    VIP Plus Mini Keyboard not holding charge

    Try using the contact us on the bottom of the page. And keep sending them mails frequently, they might respond
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    Re-install Windows on X400- New SSD

    Set the boot order correctly. Get a bootable USB.
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    Details and where to buy the GPD Micro PC

    I guess Amazon got the 256gb variant back in stock. You check there for the stock update.
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    Watching 4k streams on 4k TV via T95 box

    Maybe there's bandwidth issues with the streaming provider. Try playing content on Netflix, Prime etc. and ig you maynot have this issue.
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    351MP Not seeing games on the second SD slot

    Now on the V model there’s two sd cards so one for firmware and other bios and games. I presume if your using the one sd card you have to allocate a drive letter for it. Basically windows doesn’t fully understand, Linux is better on windows 10 but still some things that don’t show. On your...
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    Netflix/amazon on imxq pro mini unsupported?

    Try using different cables and ports. Or you can download Netflix app directly from their website.