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    Ah Yes. Might have been drunk while typing lol. The company hasn't given any update regarding this so I'm guessing its pointless to hope for an update anytime soon. You can reach out to their support ofcourse regarding this.
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    Transfer file from A95 Max to PC

    Try transfering data using your USB type A to type A or type A to type C in you use a Mac. That's how can transfer your files from hard disk to PC
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    It depends when you purchased your phone. Most mid range android phone provides 2 years of android updates and some provide 3 years of android updates from the date the device was launched.
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    Deleted the clean memory...

    you can try using google files. It deep cleans memory of your choice in your device.
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    Where can I buy a GPD Win 3 power button

    You check aliexpress......they might be having the stocks for GPD Win 3 power button.
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    Hey! I might have a fix to this problem. I also used to have this same issue and then I tried these steps : 1- Reboot Your Computer 2- Reboot Your Router 3- Turn off Power Saving 4- Make the WiFi Network Private 5- Turn off WiFi Sense 6- Update the Network Driver I hope this helps ;)
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    Sky Go (Rooted Error Code 99z)

    Sheesh. Seeing a lot of users with this error recently. Sky Go has gone bad or is it something else?