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    R36S ROMs Need Help!!!

    Hi, You would not format a ROM's folder. You need a platfrom such as retroarch and have the BIOS for the system the ROM is for, such as PS1 games/ROM's will need a PS1 BIOS. Lastly, you will need to point retroarch (show the path) to the ROMS folder. Your best bet is to look at a Youtube guide...
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    Any plans to update DROIX X4?

    Hi, no plans as yet, but I'm sure there will be in the not too distant future. regarding VPN, are you running this in rooted or non root mode? While the reset of the remote runs over WiFi via the dongle, the on/off button works via IR as the device needs to been on before it connects to the...
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    Stutter on playback

    Hi, have you tried resetting you router? You could also try going into your router settings and in QOS, giver the box priority.
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    Ambernic rg552 battery

    Contact the store you placed the order with or you could try anbernic directly here: CONTACT US - If you bought from droix, please email with your order number at [email protected]
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    T8-S Plus V2 - LibreELEC v11.0.3/CoreELEC 20.2 Nexus

    Hi Greg, Unfortunately we can't advise as we don't support this. Sorry.
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    speeds of processors in retro handhelds

    Hi, yes the difference is minimal and both will handle N64, Saturn, PSP, and GameCube emulation though more demanding titles may not perform at 60fps and also depends on the resolution the game is run at. Please be aware though for PS2, on the pocket 3 plus and 2S will only handle some PS2...
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    Will not buy from Droix again.

    Hi. Sorry you are having issues with the proteus 10s. It does sound like simply replacing the fan and thermal paste on the heatsink would solve the issue. Unfortunately due to the manufacturers changing the heatsink and fan design halfway through the production life of this model, to ensure we...
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    eigen technologies email address.

    Hi. This is an enterprise account issue via the manufacturer. Please email [email protected] with a short message of the issue and your order number and we will help resolve this for you.
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    Question about steam on gpd win 3

    Hi. Your question will be best answered by the steam support team if the following doesn't help solve. Check the size of the game and the free space on each drive. Is there enough space on either drive to install the game?
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    Hi All, Aya Neo pro 2021 problems….. won’t boot and the led just flashes white whilst on charge ! please help

    Hi, I recommend you contact support from the store you bought it from with this issues. If you purchase from droix, the contact email is [email protected]
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    Download bar bottom screen

    Hi, have you made sure the mouse icon is not hovering/positioned at the bottom of the screen?
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    Rg351v sd card issue

    Hi, Have you tried backing up the data to a PC. Re-flashing the stock firmware using this guide, then copying the data back onto the SD card? ANBERNIC Reinstall Guide - How to install the firmware on your RG351P, RG350M, etc. -...
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    T95Z only boots to T95Z plus screen

    If only 3 months old then you should still have warranty. Contact support with your order number and outline of the issue. If purchased from Droix, the support email is [email protected]
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    T8-S Red Light flashing - no power.

    Hi Chris, Does the device show any signs of life? LED's lit etc. Have you tried another power supply?
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    T95Z only boots to T95Z plus screen

    Hi Adz1988, Are you able to get to the recovery menu? To do so, see this guide and scroll down to the specific instruction for the T95Z: Accessing Your DroiX®'s Recovery Menu -
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    Strange artifacts on screen

    HI. It sounds like a hardware issue and you need to contact Droix support for a resolution: [email protected]
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    Where's the One NetBook OneGx1 Pro sub forum? (Help updating to Win11)

    HI. Unfortunately the One Gx is not Windows 11 ready. Even with secure boot enabled in BIOS on this machine, Windows 11 will not install. You can still install it but bypassing the windows hardware check during install by editing the registery, however, be advised that some windows 11 updates...
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    Passwords. T8

    Hi Kevin, The Droix X4 is the most up to date we have will Android 11 Red Velvet Cake. Plus: Amlogic S905X4 SoC; Quad-core Multi-codec support; 4K@60FPS 4GB DDR3 RAM; 64GB eMMC Storage Dual-Band Wi-Fi w/ 1x Ethernet Port It is a solid box packed with feature and is currently on sale at the...
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    Need help picking a retro gaming handheld

    Have you considered the RG353M, RG353V and RG353P? All are dual boot with android. RG353M is the most solid build as comes in a metal shell. All will run up to PS1 well. If you install the steamlink app on the android OS, then you should be able to control and play games via your PC on the...
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    Remote Issue X3

    Hi Jonathan, Glad you found the soloution. Any further issues, please don't hesitate to ask.